You’re a filmmaker, sure, but you’re one among oh, so many! You’d like to take it a little further, ramp up your storytelling skills. Plus you know that wherever you go, there you are and your ability to tell your story ( and sell your story) is your ticket to jobs, dates, success, even happiness. You know a lot, but if only you could ask your deep dark questions, interact, face to face, with someone who has been in the business and knows it inside and out. Someone who’d share that insider stuff freely because it’s his passion, his journey too.

Well, here’s your chance. River Road Studio is bringing in a seasoned Hollywood pro, Peter Werner. He’ll sit down an informal setting and we’ll spend the whole day telling stories, discussing the steps, finding out about the kind of projects you and he want to focus on.

Maybe it’s commercials. Maybe you want to make an award-winning short (Peter Werner won an Academy Award for his!). Maybe you’re determined to do features or documentaries. ( Been there, done that. Even a music video. Stories are stories.) Peter will talk to you in a small group setting, professional to professional. He’ll have a lot of examples to show and discuss. You’ll get to toss questions his way about anything the business of filmmaking entails–adapting story to script, breaking down a script, storyboarding, budgeting, working with actors, you name it. He’ll answer honestly, and from a long font of experience. He’ll be with us from 10 am to 10 pm on Monday, April 28. Still, it’s only a day. If you like the way things go, we’ll have him back for follow-ups.

Check Peter out on IMDB and sign up for this remarkable opportunity. Send a check for $150 to River Road Studio, 223 Riverwood Drive, Bastrop TX 78602 along with your email address so pre-course materials can be sent to you. Or use PayPal:

Reserve a spot now because this will be a small group.




223 Riverwood Drive

Bastrop TX 78602




River Road Studio is presenting a workshop for writers in Bastrop.
Come flex your writing muscles and set your writing goals.
Whether it’s a novel, screenplay, personal essay or poem,
you can get a solid start on it here.

$60, 10 am to 3 pm Saturday May 3.
Limit 8 students

The course will be taught by Carolyn Banks, novelist, journalist, essayist, filmmaker
See Carolyn’s bio here

To reserve a slot, send a check for $60 payable to River Road Studio, 223 Riverwood Drive, Bastrop TX 78602.
or use PayPal


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